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At Camilleri Meats it’s not just about providing you with a range of fresh and frozen meat, poultry or other. For us, it’s also about cooking meat in the right way to really get you to enjoy a juicy and mouthwatering meal. Just tell us what type of meat are you in the mood of and we’ll advise you on the perfect way to cook it or give you some innovative recipes to keep the natural flavours in the piece of meat you choose! We can also prepare different meats for you to spare you the hassle of preparing meals at home, such as marinated beef, chicken kebabs, home-made burgers, sausages, stuffed chicken breast, bragioli and much more. You just get them ready to go in the oven or on the BBQ! Come check out the frequent special offers we have at Camilleri Meats on all fresh and frozen meat products. When spending more than EUR 50 you can also benefit from our FREE delivery service!

If you are really a meat lover, at our butcher shop you get a vast selection of meats to choose from. You can find both local and imported meats such as fresh marinated local rabbit, fresh minced beef, pork or chicken, fresh scottish lamb legs, cuberoll, lamb shanks, stuffed pork, beef fillets, Irish rib-eye, tomahawk, veal, tagliata and so much more! At Camilleri Meats we bring you as well a wide range of chicken wings, drumsticks, chicken legs, fresh angus and ossobuco which is ideal to include in a warm bowl of soup for that extra taste.


Camilleri Meats is all about providing its customers with fresh quality meats and poultry everyday! We value our clients, so we are committed to welcome you in a clean and tidy environment where we can assist you with all your needs. Fully equipped with the latest butcher equipment and refrigerated storage, we guarantee you a professional customer service.